DEfactoED is a team of transformation experts, highly experienced digital leaders and academics whose insights and expertise are the foundation for our online courses and leadership engagements.



Chairman & Director of Innovation

David co-founded DEfactoED and is a massive digital enthusiast. He works with people across a wide range of private and public sector organizations, sharing his enthusiasm and helping to accelerate their digital change programs.


He has expertise in business and organizational change and spent the larger part of his earlier career as a PwC Partner.


Director of Clients & Markets

DEfactoED is Tim's brain child. Tim focuses on how our products are deployed to customers, bridging the gap between digital learning and business value.


Tim was an EY Partner and held Senior Executive roles at Anglo American plc where he successfully led global transformation. One of his strong points is knowing how to ‘bring people along’ in change processes.


Director of Content & Curation

Mark’s role is all about researching and content. He is the author of ‘The Anatomy of IT Projects: Why they‘re hard and why they fail’.


His business experience stretches over 30 years - most of this was at BP, where he held senior business and transformation roles. 



Creative Director

Lara brings creative spark, ensuring our products resonate visually with our learners.


Lara's design career spans 20 years working in small agencies, large corporates and leading the EY South Africa in-house design studio.


Professor in Digital Economy

Alan is Professor in Digital Economy at Exeter Business School and a feted digital thought leader. He blends strong academic and technology credentials with a rare ability to convey and excite audiences on digital.


He is the author of several books on digital, most recently ‘Delivering Digital Transformation’.


DEfactoED Africa

Ian Russell is a well-known author, speaker and advisor. He is the the CEO and Founder of Disrupting Consultancy Pty, and his corporate career includes the role of CEO of BCX, Africa’s largest technology company. He is focused on leveraging technology and education for the benefit of the youth of South Africa.


DEfactoED Africa

Happy is Chairman of several significant organizations. He was the Marketing Director of Vodacom, CEO of HerdBuoys McCann, the first black owned ad agency in SA, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Barclays Africa and CEO of Supersport International, and was recognized with the 2016 Financial Mail AdFocus Lifetime Achievement Award for his contribution towards the success of the South African advertising industry.


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