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Abstract luminous DNA molecule. Hand of doctor touching and cut dna for checking with anal


We live in a world where access to best practices in healthcare is unequal. At DEfactoMED we recognise that part of the solution to solving this problem is education, and that digital delivery offers an extraordinary opportunity to rapidly raise skills levels to advance healthcare delivery and patient benefits.


At DEfactoMED we recognise part of the solution to the unequal access to medical best practices is education

We deliver online Clinical and non-Clinical courses for Healthcare Professionals and Business Managers in the Healthcare sector on a broad spectrum of Clinical and Business management topics. Our approach is to remove friction and dismantle barriers in getting our courses to those who will benefit most. Our courses are highly distinctive in being:


Our courses are consistently recognised by our Learners as delivering a high-quality learning experience. Whereas most online training is delivered by PowerPoint our courses are interactive and create a deeper level of engagement with the Learner.

For a snap shot of our ‘Digital Essentials in Healthcare’ course please follow this link.

Young woman in eyeglasses and protective mask with gloves holding test tube with 3d model

We have assembled a unique multi-disciplinary network of Clinicians, Business leaders and Digital Academics to build and deliver our courses for the Healthcare sector.


Our Clinical Director is Dr Emmanuel Ako, a leading UK Cardiologist supported by Dr Tanika Kelay (Academic Psychologist) and a network of some of the UK’s leading Clinical Specialists.

Our Business and Digital Academic contributors are David Knight, Tim Field, Dr Mark Seneschall and Professor Alan Brown (Professor of Entrepreneurship at Exeter University, UK and a Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute).

We have delivered Clinical and Business Management education programmes to Healthcare Professionals and Business Leaders in many UK NHS Trusts and Centres of Clinical Excellence, including:

Chelsea & Westminster NHS Foundation Trust

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We have also partnered with leading Private Sector healthcare companies to deliver clinical education programmes, including Bayer, Medtronic, AstraZeneca, A.Menarini, and Boehringer Ingelheim.

Our International Training collaborators include Wuhan Heart Asia Hospital, Hong Kong Medical Group,  AIIMS (All India Institute of Medical Sciences), Bangladesh Society of Cardiovascular Intervention (BSCI)

Our ‘Digital Essentials in Healthcare’ Course is accredited by the Royal College of Nursing, and is helping people in the NHS build digital awareness and capabilities.

Abstract luminous DNA molecule. Hand of doctor touching and cut dna for checking with anal

DEfactoMED Limited is a UK incorporated subsidiary of Defacto Learning Solutions Limited (trading as DEfactoED). DEfactoMED is exclusively focused on the design, build and delivery of online learning solutions for the international Healthcare sector.

For more information on DEfactoMED EMAIL US



We offer leading edge learning to whoever needs it most through any device anywhere in the world.

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